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K?t qu? x? s? th? ?? 30 ng¨¤y Paper published in the Internationally Renowned Medical Journal NCBI -

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K?t qu? x? s? th? ?? 30 ng¨¤y Article on “LAVH: Minimaly Invasive Key Hole Surgery” in Asian Journal of Obs & Gynae Vol 2 No 3, June-August, 1998.

Article On “LAVH: A Novel Minimally Invasive Surgery” , in Journal Of U.P. chapter Of Obs & Gynae, Vol 4, Feb-March, 1998.

Guest Editor IAHR Bulletin “Science Technology” Vol. 6 Number 4 & 5, Sept.-Dec. 1998 . Article on “TRANS VAGINAL HYDROLAPAROSCOPY” in the same journal.

K?t qu? x? s? th? ?? 30 ng¨¤y Contributed chapters on LAVH and Laparoscopy Myomectomy in the “Book Frontiers of Human Reproduction”.

K?t qu? x? s? th? ?? 30 ng¨¤y Contributed chapter on Endoscopic Surgery in the C. S. Dawn Text Book of Gynaecology.

K?t qu? x? s? th? ?? 30 ng¨¤y Original Contributions and Scientific Summaries on “Laparoscopic Creation of Neo-Vagina in ISGE News letter, Vol. 6, Issue, 3 Oct. 2000.


Dr Nutan Jain Washington DC

Dr Nutan Jain is one of the most renowned Gynaecologist from India whose knowledge and skills have been recognized by the world medical fraternity. She was chosen to do a live surgery at her Operation theatre in Muzaffarnagar which was telecast live to more then 5000 plus doctors present at AAIG congress of Laparoscopic surgeons in Washington DC .

The now famous " Jain Point " in laparoscopic surgery is named after her. She is the author of 7 books for Medical Students and doctors from all over the country come to Muzaffarnagar to get trained by her.









Live Surgery by Dr Nutan Jain

Dr Nutan Jain is one of the most renowned name in the field of Laparoscopic Gynae Surgeries and she has been demonstrating her skills over the last 3 decades. She has trained several hundred surgeons and gynaecologists through her lectures in national and international conferences.

K?t qu? x? s? th? ?? 30 ng¨¤yIn this video she is demonstrating live surgery from her OT at Vardhman Hospital and also explaining the surgical techniques.