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Normal Delivery

Bringing your bundle of joy to this world is a feeling that a mother can only feel. From the first movement of the baby inside the womb to the first touch of child’s hand, every moment is very special. At Vardhman hospital our team of obstetricians and gynaecologists ensure that the delivery is as special as were your nine months. At Vardhman we try and counsel expecting mothers to go for normal delivery rather than caesarean section.

Normal delivery is the birth of the baby through the vagina. We generally advise the expecting mothers to remain active during the course of pregnancy and opt for some light exercises or yoga which increases the chances of a normal delivery unless contraindicated. Normal delivery can be either spontaneous i.e. you start experiencing labor pain and contractions naturally or in case you have completed full term of pregnancy labor pain can be induced through medicines and injections by the gynaecologist.